Making Progress – Mark II

After many anxious months, I am now the official owner of the Convent. Thanks to the generosity of the Church, I’ve been squatting for months whilst working on the garden, but now it has turned real. Quotes for work are coming in and hopefully we can start on painting and various renovations in the next few weeks.

IMG_0843IMG_0844In the meantime, work has progressed in the garden with pleasing results. The big achievement this week was the Grotto. Friends have helped over the past months in taming the wild mess of ivy but the remaining trunks were out of our league. Fortunately Dean who looks after the lawns and helps with various things I don’t have a hope of doing (eg the veggie beds) tackled it with gusto and it is now in pristine condition (outside at least). I have a bit more to do with cleaning out the inside but otherwise it looks great. This weekend I planted around it, including two small but voracious climbing roses, groundcover camellias, salvias, bulbs and acquilegias – colour scheme being predominantly white, blue and pink. I’m also planning on adding fuchsias however the locals have warned that the frosts can be vicious and they may not survive.

Bedroom porch

Bedroom porch

Improving each week

Improving each week

The side porch near the bedroom was so bare, as is most of the garden. This bed is yet to be properly structured and has started as I usually do – popping a few things in until it starts to take form. However, as with the rest of the garden, everything seems to have taken hold and is flourishing. The stars are two Good Samaritan standard roses – no surprises that they are the signature rose of the garden.

Winter - first viewing of the Convent

Winter – first viewing of the Convent

Autumn before the leaves change

Autumn before the leaves change

The back view of the property has always been impressive, however when I first saw it in winter, the lovely maples were bare and the grass pretty much dead. A change of season, rain and some generous feeding and weeding has made a huge difference. This is one of my favourite aspects of the Convent – cool, inviting but so much character.

The back Church wall - could do with a prune

The back Church wall – could do with a prune

A trial trim

A trial trim

Other advances this weekend featured invading the weeds in the Church carpark out the back, including pruning the shrubs that back onto my wall and flank my gates. I have a feeling friends and I will have a few goes at these before they get under control, but in the end they should look quite impressive.

Lastly, another crack at the privet is seeing further progress, although I estimate there could be anything from 50 – 100 of these to get through.

1% progress on the privets. Not a topiarist!

1% progress on the privets. Not a topiarist!

One thought on “Making Progress – Mark II

  1. The barren look when you first saw the convent is yielding to determination, vision and love. You are home now lovely one. Good wishes always.

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