I’m Still Knitting

I knit … I knit a lot. I just haven’t been posting.

The Temporary Craft Studio
The Temporary Craft Studio

As usual, there are a number of projects underway – in fact, far too many. From what I can remember I have a Ten Stitch Blanket, a lace square shawl with beads, a squares blanket that just isn’t working… I’ve also been thinking of a potential Markets venture. It has a long way to go yet, but it’s a good excuse for having and continuing to buy yarn. At least it gives me an explanation for those who are alarmed by the amount of yarn I appear to have (and there is much more to make its way here!).

In the past, I’ve tended to steer away from knitting adult garments for two reasons: firstly in Sydney, it’s rarely cold enough to wear them and they’re not exactly corporate wear. Secondly, I’m sometimes disappointed with their fit.

Now excuse # 1 has gone, so I need to discipline myself and get the sizing right. I’ve found some suitable patterns and have glorious Sundara Silky Merino fingering weight yarn so am on my way.

Over the past few years, I’ve mainly focussed on blankets and lace – still a passion. The blankets will come in handy at the Convent (which I know is a cold building). The lace – well, who needs an excuse for lace. It’s beautiful and has many applications.

IMG_0953My most recent interest – just discovered over the last few weeks – is bookmarks. I love cross stitch bookmarks, but you can also knit lace bookmarks, which act as lovely little lace samplers with something beautiful and practical as a result. Books and knitting – what a great combination! I think there will be many more bookmarks in my future.


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