Winter is Coming

ImageI’ve been warned that the Convent will be cold. The nuns weren’t overly spoilt for comfort and the large solid building that boasts being cool in summer looks like being bitterly cold in winter. Given the late settlement and other priorities, I haven’t had time to get someone in to look at the disabled fireplaces and am hoping some heaters might just get me through this winter.

That being said, the signs are ominous. Every local is warning me about the garden and what the frosts will “get”. I’m currently hooked on Game of Thrones and the Stark phrase “Winter is coming” keeps running through my head. Probably not so bad if you have Sean Bean to spend it with but they killed him off the first season.

Here’s hoping this photo will not be reminiscent of Kandos and the back escarpment doesn’t end up looking like The Wall.landscapes winter snow game of thrones a song of ice and fire tv series the wall 1920x1080 wallpa_wallpaperswa.com_11

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