The Chapel

The Chapel in its original glory

A unique feature of the building is obviously the private chapel, something few homes boast. The Convent was purpose built and one of the important features was to provide the nuns with a private place for prayer and reflection. The Chapel was also used to give babies a private blessing after Christenings at the Church out the back but was not publicly used.

ImageImageThe Chapel is an intimate but a good size room. It has beautiful attention to detail without being ornate – with gentle arches and raised floor, amber leadlight windows which face the front as well as, interestingly, the internal passage, and lovely coloured leadlight cross windows which catch the setting sun late in the afternoons. The front windows face the front porch and the leadlight windows look beautiful from the street when the chapel lights are turned on at night.

The room is likely to be put to practical use as a cosy lounge/theatre room, but capable of easily being used for the public when required for community events. The cross will be coming back home, courtesy of the Church, and I’m looking for statues and other religious items to refurbish the Chapel appropriately.

At present it looks starkly bare compared to previous photos but the painters are keen to restore it and the polished floorboards will only add to the character and warmth.


4 thoughts on “The Chapel

  1. It is indeed a lovely room, and will appreciate being an intimate place for friend to knit and chat and bond.
    Every step in your journey fills me with joy, and I can see the delight you have in restoring your home to a loved and purposeful status.

  2. Hi, my mum is the daughter of Bolton Millane. She was delighted to find your blog. Would be interested in making contact with you.

    1. How exciting. Happy to be in contact with your mum and love to hear more about your grandfather. You should both come and visit. This is a beautiful building and I’m currently just taking it back to its original state. It has stayed in great condition and has beautiful features and a practical layout.

      1. Wonderful! I have followed you on Twitter & if you follow me I can DM you some contact details. I know my mum is very interested in the buildings & history. Thank you for your kind offer!

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