Treasure Hunt

ImageApologies for not updating the calendar with this event until after it was over, but as it’s my first year here, sometimes I’m not aware that something is an ‘Event’ until it is upon me. Such was the case with the Rylstone Swap Meet. Originally advertised as a car/vehicle type swap, I didn’t pay much attention until I was told that – it was big, there was everything for sale and it started at 6am for the bargains!

This information was spot on. I arrived at Rylstone Showground around 10 and you couldn’t get a parking spot anywhere near by. The Showground itself was full of cars and truck – sellers, as much of it is more of a car boot, or more appropriately, truck sale as well as lots of prize vintage vehicles. The stalls themselves were varied. There was a strong focus on car parts and vehicle type things but also collectibles, and all sorts of oddities.

It was also a ‘dog meet’. Many locals gave their dogs an outing.

There was a great camaraderie amongst the sellers,  much as there is at some of the good markets – many obviously do the circuit. Given it is a country swap and opens early, many had camped overnight and had large cut metal drums with fires inside doubling as heaters/cookers. I didn’t capture the extent of the Swap, but the whole Rylstone Showground arena (which is not small) was crowded with stalls – marquees on the outer and boot sales inside.

As for me, although tempted by a few items, I limited myself to a lovely old watering can and a mock tortoiseshell box (which was used to house fur collars) and proudly boasts the tag that it is made out of British Xylonite, but made in Australia. I also managed to scoff a hot dog, courtesy of Rylstone Primary.

Not real tortoise shell, but that’s probably just as well.

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