A Fish Pond?

I love water features – not over-the-top fountains. I don’t even need pumps and moving water. Just water, water plants and fish. In Sydney I have a few water indulgences, but they are all at a micro level – some bowls with water and water plants as well as a wine barrel that is home to some goldfish and guppies. Well, I do live in a townhouse.

It will be hard not to have something at the Convent. I’ve put some thought into what and where and the current thinking is that I may put an inground (sounds like a swimming pool) pond between the Grotto and the Chapel verandah. It will be reasonably protected from some of the harsher sunny positions yet still get good sun for waterlillies and can be enjoyed from the verandah.

At this stage, I think I will dig it out and put in a liner-type pool to give me a bit more flexibility, as I have no idea what I will hit once I start digging. Some areas are relatively easy, others have lots of roots and some are full of rock. I’ve also seen some examples of ponds that include a “wetlands” –  an area next to the main pond which is lined with a shallower area and filled with soil, but kept wet for water-logged plants, which I think would be great for watercress. Sometimes I get carried away and need to make sure it doesn’t turn into a full dam with ducks! What if I could also cultivate yabbies or trout! Hmm, maybe a concept for the block next door…

Anyway, just an idea at present. I have plenty of gardening to keep me busy before starting this. The front wall is Priority # 1 for now. I’ll try not to get distracted and have another incomplete area… maybe.

I'm thinking this area between the Grotto and Chapel verandah may work.
I’m thinking this area between the Grotto and Chapel verandah may work.

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