Root Veg – Winter Warmers

ImageThis weekend I harvested my first set of root veg. Apparently root vegetables are the standard fare to plant for Winter.  I love my soups, casseroles and roasts so this is hardly a hardship.

I was so excited this weekend to be in a position where I could harvest enough for two nights roasts (well, only one Beetroot was big enough to pick…). I managed to collect Parsnip, Swede, Turnip, Beetroot and Carrots (which were small but perfect) as well as Broccoli (which has been prolific) and Sugar Snap Peas.

I’m learning by mistakes – I will NEVER EVER plant beans again so close to Winter. I had several types in and the frosts wiped each out very early, even though they had been growing strongly. Strangely enough, most of the leafy veg – Kale, Rocket, Spinach… has gone well. The Peas seem to flourish in the cold, as do Broad Beans, although they (hopefully) crop later.

I’ll be braver in future with seeds. The seedlings I planted out from punnets have been fine, but I only have limited plants (6 – 8 as per the punnets) whereas for the seeds planted, my biggest problem is having the discipline to thin them. So I only have a small crop of Beetroot, however the neighbours are under strict instruction to start culling Turnips and any of the leafy greens that were planted by seed.

I’m very happy with the outcome  for my first year of veg, but hope the soil will continue to be as giving with future crops.

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