Welcome to the Spring Convent Retreat

The Convent will welcome back its regular visitors for a particularly special retreat (Friday 20 – Monday 23 September) as we celebrate a Southern Hemisphere astronomical Spring and our version of Spring Equinox over the extended weekend.

I’m hoping this will be a very special weekend for friends who have seen the Convent through from an aspiration to reality and beyond as the Convent becomes both a home to me and a welcome retreat for friends. This stay should be a little more luxurious as hopefully we will be painted and with flooring. I make no promise of having the place furnished but can offer bedrooms for guests.

For those who have more flexibility, you are welcome to stay as long as you like. However I would like you to go home some time.

Further details will issue on the itinerary, travel arrangements, workshops, work duties, menu and accompanying activities for the retreat.

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