Down the Track Cafe

The exterior of the cafe - indoor and outdoor seating
The exterior of the cafe – indoor and outdoor seating

This was one of my first introductions to Kandos and is a great example of the friendly townsfolk here. Sue and Dave, the proprietors, take great care with their unique business and also make a significant effort in supporting the local community. Now coming here is more like dropping in to old friends rather than somewhere to go for lunch.

IMG_1289The name of the cafe relates to it being the old railway station. The train line unfortunately no longer runs through Kandos regularly, although infrequently there is a tourist service which is a sight to behold. It would be so wonderful if the train still continued through from Lithgow to Kandos.

As the old Kandos railway station, it is in a great location and perfect for a quiet respite and refuel. The building sits alongside the tracks and the interior reflects its railway heritage, with seating from old old train seats and carriage fittings throughout.


In Winter there is an open fire and in warmer weather occasionally movies are shown on a projector across the railway line. Outside you can view some interesting local sculptures.

A great place to drop in for a good meal, a coffee and some information on the local area, as it also serves as the local Tourist Information Centre. The cafe is located at the entrance to town at the start of the main street just off the Railway Green where the major local events are often held.



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