Anniversary Approaching

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost a year since I first saw the Convent (and discovered where Kandos is). It was the 20th August last year when, along with my good friend Lee, we set off with his trusty GPS named Siobhan, given the lady has an Irish accent, to find Kandos and the Convent. All we knew was that we could go Bells Line of Road and it was before Mudgee.

My friends had already accompanied me on a number of inspections of rural properties, all of which had been seriously disappointing, so L was endeavouring to temper my very excited expectations which by that stage was probably already at making plans for grandchildren, which are not on anyone’s horizon. After all, it was a long trip home after a big day if I was going to be  teary.

Anyway, the Convent obviously didn’t disappoint and it seems such a short time ago, even though so much has happened and so much work has progressed. I had the world’s longest settlement which even saw a change of Popes.

It also means that fast approaching is Rylstone Street Feast which will be held on Saturday 2 November and is an extravaganza of 4 courses of sumptuous local food served at a community sit down lunch running down the centre of the main street. It is one of the highlights of the area and not to be missed. It was also the first time that many of my friends came to Kandos to see the Convent.

Anyway, tickets have just gone on sale and we’ve snapped them up again. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a few months time when I can sit back and relax to enjoy the Convent fully.

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