Kandos Gardens Fair – The Convent Steps Up


Kandos Gardens Fair – This is one of the BIG local events and held every two years – 2013 being the third event.  Gardens in the local area will be open for viewing by the public over a weekend, which is quite an extravaganza of a weekend with workshops, displays, entertainment, refreshments and, of course, gardens as the focal point.

The Convent is participating. The Chapel and Grotto should be a good attraction, after all, not many homes and gardens have these! The garden is being positioned as “under construction” – I wonder how long I will get away with this before they write me off after a few years as “She’ll never get to the standard we require”. Anyway, I’m making an effort so as not to be too embarrassed or embarrass the Committee. The other great aspect for me is that in participating in this (and being part of the Committee) I’ve had the opportunity of meeting some wonderful people and gardeners to boot!

The other gardens are seriously good and very different. The soil is good in this area and gardens are highly varied from classical, native, those that focus on permaculture, those with a more decorative garden art aspect … I hope I get to see them all at some point given I will be on host duty for the weekend so can’t join the visitors. I have my trusty friends booked in for the weekend as Stewards as we are expecting to host many through the gates.

I’ve been really impressed with the organisation and attention to detail to ensure that this weekend is a true experience for garden lovers and will offer many varied and engaging activities for attendees. The fact that it is spread across our two towns of Kandos and Rylstone which are so close (7 kms) means a contrast between towns of quite different heritages, periods and styles.

The Convent is planning to play host to local sculptures which I’m very excited about. Whilst I’m sure she will do me proud, I’m far more nervous about the Convent gardens which are in a much more immature state than the other gardens and with a far less experienced gardener! I’m happy that the Convent is being an active part of the community and others get to see what a lovely building she is after all these years. I like to think she is loving the attention just a little as well.

I wonder if Committee members are allowed to win prizes?
I wonder if Committee members are allowed to win prizes?

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