Unsettling Times

I have sold my Sydney property which is a big step and a relief in now moving into a new life. However it means deadlines for moving out of Sydney and packing everything up. I’m doing trips to Sydney at least once a week to move things here as well as pack boxes for the removalists, which is surprisingly unsettling.

I’ve only lived at our place in Wahroonga for around five years which is a short time for me, but for many reasons it has been more a home to me than other places. It has been a haven and home for the girls and me, had many good friends through the door and holds many happy memories. Now I’m packing, I’m really missing my girls and realising that they have moved out and we won’t be together again like before. All is good – we’re all doing what we want and is right for us, just a jolt to realise that everything has changed so much. And permanently.

Anyway, Wahroonga is being vacated over the next month, the Convent is becoming more established (a proper fridge and a garbage bin are contributing to the feeling of permanence), I’m making an effort to fit into the local community here and the garden is consuming a large amount of time.

It has now well and truly set in that this has been an enormous move in so many ways, but also feels so right. The dogs have made themselves so at home so quickly from only ever knowing a townhouse. It’s a bit strange given it has been such a big change for them, but they have never appeared uncomfortable with what was asked of them – from the constant long drives (from non-car dogs) to the new house and gardens. It’s a good sign. Their presence and obvious enjoyment has made the transition much easier for me – they have been great little companions through all this. I only hope they will embrace some additions to the Convent. I’m not sure that Roxy will make chooks or another dog or cat very welcome, but I’d love to get some more animals.

Anyway, I’m now so far past the point of no return and have taken so many life-changing steps over the last 18 months. So far it all seems right, just challenging and so much change to take in …

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