To Market, To Market …

It’s been pretty busy the last week or so, with my daughter here, settling in Popcorn and a good friend visiting.

It’s been even more busy given I’m planning my first foray into the local markets tomorrow. I have a feeling my guests think I’m running a sweat shop as they have been helping me prepare and will be there for support on the day as well.

My stall will be selling my knits and knitting kits. I know the weather isn’t all that appropriate for knitting, so for my first appearance I have prepared lace bookmarks and featherweight lace scarves. I also have simple kits for knits for those who would prefer to do it themselves.

A friend is selling pet products at the neighbouring market and I’m trialling dog treats at that stall. Hopefully they should be popular with the locals given Kandos is also known as ‘Dog Town’, with the dog population rumoured to outnumber children.

I’m looking forward to the markets as something new and a great way to meet more locals – both customers and stall holders. There’s always great camaraderie.

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