Kandos Hoedown

Dale Hooper
I’m constantly surprised at the stream of activities here. I’m sure it’s because it’s not the city with a zillion things happening that most of the community supports local events wholeheartedly.

The locals getting into it!
The locals getting into it!

This weekend the brave team at Kandos Events who are responsible for the annual Bob Marley Festival put on the second Kandos Hoedown.

The lovely Kerry Shaw

The concert was held in the Community Hall which is an attractive and imposing building complete with a good stage. Four acts in all provided around five hours of foot-tapping entertainment, including the local Bush Rock, Brooke Cornwall, Kerry Shaw and Dale Hooper, a Johnny Cash tribute singer, as the main act.

Great to see the community support, singsongs and even some dancing. Thanks to Sue, Dave and Mary for their continued efforts on Kandos’ behalf.

The Man in Black – Dale Hooper’s Johnny Cash Tribute, endorsed by the Cash family.

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