An Unwelcome Break

I’ve had years at work when I didn’t have sick day and have rarely taken much time off work. Maybe it’s a timely sign that the years are starting to catch up, but last week I was sick – possibly the first time I’ve ever had the flu.

Anyway, I’m not used to having to slow down and whilst I felt guilty about not being able to do anything, I really didn’t have any choice. Knitting and TV were the mainstays, but I’m not sure watching Criminal Minds was such a good idea when you’re not feeling perky.

A week out of the garden when it’s due to be open early October has been scary, but I’m sure it will come together when it has to. Actually, it’s mainly up to nature now as the plants are in – I’m really just feeding and tidying. In the meantime, I’m making sure I eat well and get plenty of rest. My usual mode is slightly more obsessive which will just have to adjust to a more relaxed rhythm now in the country.

I’ve finally made it here – I need to learn how to just chill and let things move at their own pace.

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