A Year in Kandos

It’s exactly one year since I moved to Kandos permanently and what a year it’s been! I found the Convent and town just over two years ago and so much has happened since.

I hadn’t originally planned to give up my career in financial services or even be permanently based here – somehow I thought I’d manage to balance between life in Sydney and the country. However country life quickly won out (the dogs actually decided first that they didn’t want to go back each time, whilst they would line up to get in the car to head out to the Convent).

So after leaving the job, selling up in Sydney and settling into what I thought would be the quiet country life, I’ve found myself with a brand new shop and a new career in retail, although my background has given me great training for the new venture.

For anyone who is considering making the change – I’d recommend it. Yes, it’s hard work to get there and lots of challenging decisions, but sometimes it’s much harder work not doing anything and giving up on your dreams.

I have a strong suspicion that this adventure is far from over.

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