2015 Plans

So now it’s time to set some targets for the next year. Given 2014 was nothing like planned – hadn’t planned on selling up and living here permanently, getting involved in the Museum, CWA not on the radar – let alone President, what shop? … Plans now just seem incongruous after years of managing Strategic and Operating Plans.

So why have some personal goals? OK, just a concept and let’s see how close we get.

  • Shop – I actually have a Business Plan and hope to pull this off. It’s important on a number of levels and I think achievable.
  • Convent – well, I should update the old toilets – and original kitchen and put in new kitchen, and update lighting, but they’re not high on priorities at present – although was a originally – how things change!
  • Garden – finish side colourbond fence bed, build bed in front of the sunroom.
  • Side block – well, good intentions here for the orchard/parkland block but at best may just clear it and manage a few plantings.
  • Knitting – at least winning something at one of the Shows I’m planning on entering.
  • Convent Chapel – fix lighting for workshops
  • Umm – do a psychic reading – not really my style but as I’m feeling so settled, it’s really tempting
  • Chopper ride – yes! Kids have bought tickets – so excited to go on a helicopter tour of the area
  • Go Fishing! Have had a licence for a wasted year. I love fishing and have rods. Can’t believe I’m not doing this regularly given I’m so close to Dunn’s Swamp. I don’t need to catch anything. It’s about dropping a line in the water and just chilling.
  • Keeping in touch with old friends and making some new ones – I now appreciate just how important this is. It’s easy to be isolated or isolate yourself, but friends – either local, old but visit, or even those you keep up with mainly online – are all so important and add a greater dimension and connection to your life.

I’m sure there’s lots more I’ll think of but these are fine for now. After all, life’s supposed to be enjoyed. John Lennon was so right when he said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”.


2 thoughts on “2015 Plans

  1. Well, your Father gave us this website to visit and how pleased are we! Michael and I are amazed at all that has happened since we learnt of your convent purchase……especially your permanent move to Kandos! Loved all you have written about your home and surrounds and my mouth waters when reading about the food you describe. I can just see the proud smile on Auntie Kath’s face. Can’t wait to pay you a visit in time to come. Good luck with all your projects. Anne and Michael

    1. Anne and Michael,
      How lovely to hear from you both. Yes, very settled now and having a great time with the Convent, garden, shop and the community. I tend to think Auntie Kath (AKA Nanna) would be thrilled but the Kandos CWA President role. Now preparing knitting to enter in CWA competitions – just like Nanna! Hope all is going well with you both and the family. Cheers, Margot

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