Getting My Mojo Back

It’s been a difficult year. Losing Dad, Mum going into care, selling the old family home … Such life changing experiences have taken their toll.

At some point you need to just get back into the swing of life.  I moved to the country just over two years ago full of plans and enthusiasm and I owe it to myself and my parents to try and fulfil these. It’s sad that they can’t be here to see it themselves, but fortunately they did have a few visits,  including a Kandos Christmas at the Convent. Mum will be following me by snail mail and I hope she gets to see me make great progress.

So… I’m getting back into the groove of things I love and want to do with plenty of ambitions and hopes for 2016.

For now, it’s back to nurturing and expanding the garden, particularly with Kandos Gardens Fair around the corner in April 2016. My plants are all a little more established and garden beds continue to expand. I have plenty of plants yet to go in, but it’s so hot and dry right now that I think there best to sit in their nursery. The foodie plants are doing well – I seem to have mastered the art of the cucumber after a few failures, and hope this will stand me in good stead with pumpkins and zucchinis. So many pots and containers are now being put to use, but my favourite is the old cement laundry trough. I’m tempted to get more. They look great and are really practical planters.

I haven’t been doing so much cooking or preserving of late, either, but onion jam has now been made and fresh spiced vegetable pickling vinegar is a winner and about to go into production. The ice-cream maker will also make a welcome return and I’ve just found a recipe for Elderberry Champagne – tempting.

And, of course, there’s the knitting – there’s always the knitting. I’ve completed my Doodler from the Ravelry Westknits Mystery Knit Along and am really pleased with it. It’s the first major piece I’ve completed in ages, rather than basic shop knitting, and I’m promising myself I’ll get back to the Show knitting.

Big plans ahead for 2016 – it’s been a wakeup call that time passes quickly and there’s no time for regrets.


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