Settling In

Popcorn and Tango just chillin' together
Popcorn and Tango just chillin’ together

Whilst I had thought I’d have a few quiet weeks settling in once selling Sydney and moving all my worldly goods into the Convent, life has a way of taking its own course.

My daughter’s arrival the day after the removalists, along with the rambunctious Popcorn, meant a different but very welcome change of pace. My two small dogs have settled in to Convent life easily and now they are both around six years old, they are pretty relaxed. However they didn’t anticipate Popcorn arriving and unsettling the status quo.

Popcorn loves his shoes - stilettos being his favourite. He also likes the odd leather boot and Reebok
Popcorn loves his shoes – stilettos being his favourite. He also likes the odd leather boot and Reebok

Whilst still young at eight months old, he is also very big and active. However he is smart and anxious to please. Quickly he has learnt not to invade little dog space or try to make them play with him. They are getting to know each other and becoming more comfortable together. Little Roxy isn’t up to joining in games but loves to watch and encourage Popcorn from the sidelines. Tango has managed to work out a bitey type game with Popcorn that they both love. Whilst they may not interact directly together much, they are often exploring and chilling together. I now seem to have a “pack” of dogs on the property.

Despite Popcorn’s gardening efforts and that he will chew anything he can get hold of, he’s a good boy and is responding well to training. He is already enrolled and attending a local training class and may get to do agility at some point.

I have a feeing the Convent animal family may grow some more as I start to explore chickens as a next stage.

You clown! That's the bathroom bin lid on your head!
You clown! That’s the bathroom bin lid on your head!



Daughter #1 is paying a visit with Popcorn, a rather beautiful and boisterous eight month old border collie. Roxy and Tango have met Popcorn briefly a couple of times before and it has not gone well. He is big and active and they are small and not the most socialised dogs in the world. So having him here for a while (or perhaps longer) is an interesting prospect.

Roxy, the smallest, is used to Tango dominating (in a quiet but forceful manner) but is most forthright in letting Popcorn know his place when he gets too close or tries to play. However, given she is smaller than Popcorn’s head, it’s daunting when he becomes excited and lunges at her. Tango has used the retreat technique and just goes to her bed in my room and asks for the door to be closed.

Let's all sit shall we? Positive time training and socialising
Let’s all sit shall we? Positive time training and socialising

Food is a social tool. We are putting effort into training Popcorn whilst he is here and using it as an opportunity to refresh the smaller versions who, I must admit, were never greatly trained. It’s funny to see the three of them trying to please with their sits, drops and stays for treats – all hostility and avoidance is quickly forgotten.

It will be interesting to see how everyone copes with the changes. In a couple of days, Popcorn has come a long way in understanding the large property from his previous small yard and that he has people around most of the time, instead of being left on his own for long periods. He is trying so hard to make friends with the dogs and Roxy is making a big effort to accommodate him, as the three of us work in the garden together. However it’s a matter of two steps forward, one step back at present. Fortunately, no one seems jealous – it’s just understanding each other’s space and size (and not stealing the little dogs’ food!).

In the meantime, it’s lovely to have my daughter here. I’ve really missed having the two of them around this year.