Merry Christmas, Kandos Style


IMG_2940One of the many great things about country towns is the community spirit and how well locals participate. Kandos has this in spades. Everyone enthusiastically embraces events, the markets and …competitions. There appears to be two competitions in particular worth driving around town for – the Christmas lights and the mail box challenges.

These last two were a pigeon pair, next door to each other – two for the price of one. Note Santa and his reindeer sliding down the roof.

This year my daughters drove us around as we snapped just a few of many Christmas decorated homes – some people go the whole hog – reindeers (or kangaroos) pulling sleighs on roofs, lots of Santas attempting chimney drops, fully outlined houses, we couldn’t capture the snow storm on camera … but you get the picture. Some people go full out and it’s a lot of fun to see. A few other cars were also pulling up with us so we weren’t the only ones doing the viewing rounds.


Anyway, here are just a few. Unfortunately some didn’t photograph so well and the girls didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic as us in driving around the streets! The Convent on the other hand was far more subdued with the usual Christmas tree lights however the Grotto has fairy lights which is a nice touch.

More reindeer – we missed the kanga’s pulling the sleigh on another roof.