Cementa13 – A Contemporary Arts Festival Held in Kandos

From February 1 – 4 this year, a contemporary arts festival took over Kandos – 4 days and 4 nights with over 40 artists.

As described by the organisers:
Cementa_13 is a biennial contemporary arts festival taking place in the post-industrial town of Kandos NSW. Over forty artists will exhibit video, installation, sound, 2d and 3d artworks in venues and locations across the town. Venues will include shop fronts, vacant lots, a disused school, scout hall, local pub, the local museum, golf-course, people’s homes, the surrounding bushlands, etc. The work will address the identity, history, and current social, environmental and economic context of the town. Both walking and cycling tours will be given every day of the festival, introducing audiences to the town, along a route that will incorporate all of the major exhibitions, emphasizing environmentally sound modes of transport. In addition, there will be specialised tours including an edible weed tour of the surrounding country, a bicycle tour by ARTcycle inc. of local bushland, an escarpment hike and a winery tour.

The Convent played its own role hosting seven artists both inside and outside. Some Convent highlights included Sarah Goffman’s Japanese Tea HouseThe Chapel of Rubber by Starrs and Cmielewski and Sarah Breen Lovett’s Openings.

Sarah Goffman entertaining the tea drinkers
Tea House drawing
Tea house at the Convent sketch by Sarah Goffman

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