A Tradition of Roses

One of the first things I was told about Kandos was that the only roses that didn’t grow, were ones that weren’t in the ground. That certainly seems to be the case here as even the humblest of gardens have great roses.

In its hey-day, the Convent was well-known for it’s beautiful roses, including the trellises which were used as a backdrop for many photos. Some of the original roses still survive and are magnificent when in full flower.

Good Samaritan rose
Good Samaritan rose

In keeping with the tradition, I’ve started adding more to the garden, endeavouring to widen the variety. Whilst I’ll never compete with Marie from the Fairway Motel who has over 200 roses on display and is a highlight of the biannual Garden Fair, I should be able to do the Convent proud.

Apparently there is a “Saint” series of roses which will come in handy. I’ve already discovered there is a Good Samaritan rose, which will have to be the signature rose for the Convent. Whilst I bought two standards, it appears I was beaten to the punch by the nuns and, not surprisingly, there are already two old ones here.

Some of the new additions include two Pierre de Ronsards – their dusky pink should work well climbing the wall of the cement block garage.

A red Pierre de Ronsard and a pink Duchesse de Brabant that are struggling along the side cyclone fence.

Newly planted Iceberg and Cecile Brunner small climbers on the back wall.

A Crepuscle light apricot climber on the back side garden bed, which I think might be a star, with a Pope John Paul II alongside. A Lamarque old rambler has been added to the garden bed, which if true to form, may dominate. Other additions include a couple of small Champions in pots and a David Austen Molineux. A Pinky climber remains in a pot and one day may make it to the Grotto.

I’m hoping these new additions and the original roses will put up a reasonable show later in the year. Will do a rose posting later to see how well they all do. Being an optimist, I will put vases on my buying list.

The original Convent roses
The original Convent roses


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