Feeding the Multitudes

One of the great advantages of being in the country is having the space to grow veggies. I’ve played around in the past with some herbs and well-placed tomatoes in pots, but nothing of a Imageserious scale or variety.

This week was a major milestone in my gardening adventures, with the installation of four large veggie beds – I think they are about 2.5m x 1m each, anyway, a generous size for me to play with.

In a flash, ably assisted, I fully planted out two of the beds – one with a mix of berries – raspberry, blackberry, youngberry, boysenberry, blueberry, elderberry, loganberry and, of course, strawberries. The other a bit of a mix – broccoli, leeks, radishes, asparagus (which I believe takes a few years to harvest, but then is bountiful for years to come), brussel sprouts, beans, celery.

The Berry BedNext weekend I plan to plant out another box under instruction from the neighbours with winter root veg – parsnip, turnips, swede, onions, carrots. I’ll then make the difficult choices about what will go in the last planter. I’m sure I’ll end up wishing I had five or six beds towards the end. The plan is to organise culinary exploits around the fresh produce available. I’m imagining summer puddings of berries, berry ice-cream and hopefully some berry liquers.

Whilst I’ll end up with a massive surplus (at least I hope so, otherwise it means I’ve massacred plants!), it’s an exciting stage for the Convent and me as we take a small step towards supporting ourselves and offering some hospitality to guests and neighbours.

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