Restoring the Hedge

What was once a neat hedge
What was once a neat hedge

Since first seeing the Convent, it was obvious that the side hedge was an eyesore. It runs the whole side of the block and is backed by a high old galvanised fence, dominating the side boundary – taking up land, stopping other growth and shading rooms that side of the Convent.

I had thought is was just an old windbreak until a local told me that as a schoolboy, he used to trim the hedges and it was once a neat, formal hedge – well maybe 30 or more years ago! At over 20 feet tall, it is now an ugly nuisance.

IMG_0798My first reaction was to have it removed however given I’m having a number of established (but unattractive) shrubs taken out of the front garden, I’m conscious that I’m removing habitats for a number of birds, particularly the smaller wrens, finches and sparrows. The plan now is to see if I can get it back under control by thinning, and cutting it back and down over time. I’m pretty sure it’s a privet, which should be kept under control, rather than running rampant, and is near impossible to destroy. Anyway. I’ll have a go as there is an appeal in getting one of the old hedges back at the Convent and in having a hedge rather than a new fence. The privet is relatively easy to saw, there’s just so much of it. I’ll trial a few sections before making up my mind and will probably need some professional help if that’s the way I go. Otherwise, it will also be a big job to cut and remove it – although I think I’d be in for many years of regrowth.

This isn’t a Day 1 project, but something I’ll take on in between jobs.


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