Another first. I’ve never grown potatoes before. They sound so simple but I just haven’t. Today I ordered enough seed potatoes to feed a small country from http://www.diggers.com.au/shop/category/Potatoes.aspx

Varieties I’ve chosen include Dutch Cream, King Edward, Kipfler (double dose), Nicola, Royal Blue, Mozart as well as Sweet Potatoes and Yams. I know I could just cut up a potato but give I’m a novice, I thought I’d take a professional approach and also know what potatoes I have. I can then reuse these in future.

The growing plan is to use Potato Bags – pretty nifty –  just an adaptation of the sacks the old school used to use but more like reinforced garbage bags with a velcro pocket down low to allow easy access to potatoes from the bottom.

Just a warning to friends – expect to be fed potatoes – potato and leek soup, potato and rosemary pizza, roast potatoes, baked potatoes, potato bake, hash browns… Doesn’t sound too bad to me.

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