Scorched Earth – New Beginnings

The "Blank Canvas"
The “Blank Canvas”

Last week Corey, the local earthmover/excavator, came in to clear out the old scruffy shrubs in the front yard. None were original or quality shrubs – just green “fillers” that were unkempt and shapeless. He also offered to clear out the “centrepiece” in the middle of the concrete front paths – a tribute to the ’70s bush rock garden.

Corey did a great job, but it didn’t soften the shock of seeing it so bare and realising the work ahead to get a good garden now in shape that did justice to the Convent. At present I’m clearing out loose rubble and roots from areas whilst preparing to mulch the areas and think about the longer term plan of what goes where.

L calls it a “blank canvas”. That’s being kind.

Starting Over - the Garden Centrepiece
Starting Over – the Garden Centrepiece

One thought on “Scorched Earth – New Beginnings

  1. You are full of good ideas, and your lovely garden expert L will be there to provide advice on what will thrive in the cool climate of Kandos!

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