Nocturnal Visitors


I dismissed this at first and unfairly blamed Roxy, however this is now the fourth time and the last two happened when we were not in residence.

It’s past amusing but increasing in curiosity. The neighbours have all been in to inspect and offer opinions.

Each time it has been in the same position between the carrots and beetroot in the same bed. There are now a few indications of scratchings and small holes in other parts of the garden, but nothing of this scale and repetition.

So far covered have been

  • dog (no – not mine and others can’t access – and we’ve never seen traces of other dogs here)
  • cat – too deep for a cat hole and too messy
  • possum – but neighbours say there aren’t many possums and they don’t dig
  • echnidna – the jury is out on this one, but it’s a well-raised bed and I’m not sure they could climb that far
  • bandicoot – my suggestion however you would have though I had said “Wookie” judging from local reaction
  • wombat – not big and messy enough. They do much more damage.
  • rabbit – looks like it could well be the beginnings of a rabbit hole – lots of digging, but you would think they would eat everything and it doesn’t appear any of the veg has been eaten
  • “marsupial rat” is a recent edit to this post as a suggestion from R

At this stage, all suggestions are welcome. I think the only way we will find out is with a web cam. G’s suggestion of blanket, torch and alcohol for a night sit-out is not appealing now the weather has turned nippy. A farmer’s life is not an easy one!

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