Stressing Out the Citrus


The Convent is intended as a place of relaxation and contemplation so I felt embarrassed and guilty when told my citrus was “stressed”. This was because the leaves are turning yellow, although I’ve already battled spotty leaves, some type of microbug and a Lime covered in disgusting spitfires which practically ate every leaf before I found them. This is not boding well for a future orchard with someone who has never grown fruit before.

Anyway, first step was to remove some of the fruit that is dragging on the plants. Treatment is Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) and citrus food. I’m under strict instruction not to spray or I will lose all the leaves.

… learning as I go. I am tempted to look into a horticultural course to give me more knowledge on what I’m doing. I’ve always enjoyed studying and it would be a treat to study something I enjoy and can put into immediate practice. It might also help me save a few plants.

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