Introducing the Canine Residents

There are two other family members who often sneak into photos and who warrant a higher profile on my blog – my lovable and loyal dogs, Roxy and Tango. These funny little beings have spent nearly five years of their lives being indoor townhouse dwellers with limited exposure to the outside world. I was a little concerned as to how they would take to such a big adjustment and country life but I could not have been more mistaken. They appear to love every minute here – they jump in the car to leave Sydney and make use of every aspect of the Convent and garden.

Perky Roxy
Perky Roxy

Roxy is a perky, active and very friendly Pomeranian/mini Fox Terrier cross – she has the looks of a Pomeranian, being a ball of fluff, with the colouring and personality of a Foxie – a picture book dog. She is interested in everything and everyone, loves everyone she meets, always on the lookout for action and has turned into a ‘hunter’ in the country, well at least she looks for creatures – birds, lizards, anything that moves (or doesn’t) – fortunately she never actually harms anything, just finds them and barks.

Tango on the other hand is the opposite – she is half Japanese Chin, one of the most cat-like of breeds and displays many cat characteristics. The other half is possibly Shih Tzu. She is shy, quirky and sedentary and prefers the indoors, sleeping in strange places like my bag. She is a bit of a doggy Howard Hughes – not that she is a billionaire philanthropist aviator movie mogul – more of a quirky eccentric recluse. Sometimes I think she would have made a good nun – one of those who spends most of their time on retreat and in solitude. On the other hand she is also curious, caring and gentle and as a result, birds and animals tend not to run away from her, providing much amusement watching her interact with other creatures.

The Convent suits both dogs for very different reasons. Roxy loves the open spaces to run and explore. Tango loves the peacefulness and country life, although is now becoming much more confident in meeting people, exploring and joining in with activities.

Both dogs are a joy – they give so much love and companionship without qualification. They provide me with a great deal of entertainment and company at the Convent and we often have lengthy serious conversations on important decisions and share many activities and new experiences together.

Their latest discovery is heaters. Previously they have been used to reverse cycle airconditioning, rather than direct heat. Whilst the Convent is a cold building, they are loving lying in front of heaters and basking directly in the warmth. The kitsch fake fire radiator is their absolute favourite, with both jockeying for poll position.

Expect to see more of my two good friends popping up through blogs from time to time.

The reclusive Tango in her favourite spot, my bag
The reclusive Tango in her favourite spot, my bag.

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