The Block Next Door

You can see my whippersnipper efforts to clear the weeds

When I bought the Convent I knew the boundaries were out of alignment – like seriously out. When looking for a country property I also envisaged an expansive garden, veggie beds, chooks and an orchard. Whilst I had the potential for most of this, the only way I had of achieving an orchard was to use limited grounds of the Convent for fruit trees, which would limit the garden area.

The issue of the boundary (which was most definitely not in the Convent’s favour) was fortunately easily resolved by my neighbour who owns a number of vacant blocks next door and was happy to part with the one next to the Convent. This also means that I now get my orchard. It also has a few extra advantages such as I can adapt the privet hedge, remove the old galvanised iron fencing and get a view over the township (and benefit from the beautiful sunsets).

I think it will be a while before I can make good use of the block but it greatly improves the aspect of the Convent and what I can do with the land, albeit the block is nowhere near the quality of soil of the Convent, having never been planted or cultivated.

Over the next year of two I will be having the block resurveyed, fenced, cleared (just some old scrawny tumbled Melalucas near the fence) and dug up (back hoe’d??) as well as topped up with decent soil before planting. I think a great deal of mulching and composting will be in order. It should result in an extension of the garden, separately fenced but with gate access, of a park-like orchard and ornamental tree sanctuary. Who knows, maybe a goat or some sheep might find their way in there. One of the locals was tempting me to keep some ducks…

The view out back - on a cold day, with much more cold to come
The view out back – on a cold day, with much more cold to come

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