Jack Frost has arrived

Crunchy underfoot
Crunchy underfoot

I’ve been wondering about why the locals keep warning me about the frost until this morning. I was thinking it was just dew – you know, in the morning when everything is covered with a frosty, white-looking dew. Wrong! Frost here is “ice”.

Icy Kale just starting to defrost
Icy Kale just starting to defrost

I went out this morning when the sun was already well and truly out to find frost across many parts of the garden. It’s not just icy, it’s actually frozen. The white tipped grass crunched under my feet and the leaves had actually frozen. My veggie beds were a great example where all the individual leaves actually looked and touched as if they were flash frozen. No wonder so many of the smaller more tender plants don’t survive. The photos don’t do the frost justice as it was already starting to melt when I went out. I’ll have to get up earlier next time.

That said, it also had a magical feel to it like a Winter Wonderland without snow. What a contrast to the harsh dry relenting sun over summer. I’m loving seeing the seasons change here. At present Autumn is best heralded by the two beautiful Maples out near the back verandah which make the terracotta coloured roof tiles look dull by comparison and set themselves off beautifully against the ochre building. The Maples are just starting to drop their leaves, but most other trees in Kandos are now bare, including the Poplars lining the avenue into the town.

I’m enjoying seeing such obvious seasons pass out here and the changes to the landscape and my garden. Hopefully I will feel the same about Winter.

One of the twin Maples at its best
One of the twin Maples at its best

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