Serious Knitting Resumes

Participating in the local markets with a knitting stall has had somewhat of an effect on my “regular” knitting. In fact, renovations, establishing the garden and relocating permanently whilst working may have also contributed a little over the last year as well.

Anyway, I’m back – forced by the impending Rylstone Kandos Show in February where I have a reputation to maintain, particularly now I am also knitting at the markets.

IMG_1905The markets and my normal knitting provide a good contrast. For the markets, I focus on creating my own patterns which rely on interesting but simple stitches and beautiful and unique yarns or combinations to provide a good result. My main aim is for people to buy the kits with the patterns based on my samples, but finished items are also for sale.  A good example is the Drop Stitch Scarf which is a simple stitch pattern combined with striking Noro yarn.

On the other hand, my normal knitting tends to be a little more epic in nature. I favour laceweight shawls or big blankets – no short term projects here.

IMG_1900For the Show I am using Fluidity (or here) as a base. I’m familiar with this pattern, which started life as an 8 ply/DK equivalent but this time I’m using a barely 2ply lace weight silk/merino combination undyed, to give it a natural/antique finish. It’s square but knitted in the round. At some point I will cast off and finish off with a Shetland lace border. I’m also incorporating tiny seed pearl beads into the pattern, so I have high hopes. So far I have a rather modest 1,200 stitches on the needles and anticipate many more before I am done.

Lace (particularly bunched up on circular needles) always looks a bit like steel wool. For now it’s heads down and needles clicking as I head towards the Show.

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