Kandos Museum

Kandos Museum

One of the first places I visited in Kandos was the Museum, where helpful and knowledgeable volunteers cheerfully showed me volumes of directories on the history of the Convent.

I consider the building to be a “sister” to the Convent given it is also built in Spanish Mission style. It was originally a Methodist Church and was built under the direction of the superintendent of the cement works in the style of Californian buildings of the time. It has since become the Kandos Bicentennial Industrial Museum and pays homage to the unique nature and heritage of Kandos, as a twentieth century industrial town.

The building is quite grand and a somewhat unexpected structure to find in the town (like, I can talk) and I could easily see James Stewart and Grace Kelly in a scene somewhere in the ramparts up high under the watchful eye of Alfred Hitchcock.

Unfortunately the museum has been closed for some months but the Council are now taking steps to give it to the community to run and manage. The Museum plays and important role, both in conserving the heritage of the town but also as a tourist attraction. I’m hopeful it will shortly have a new lease of life.

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